Prom. A date, a dance, a dress. Of course, it all starts with the dress. I went to two proms in high school, my junior and senior years. I remember liking my first dress for junior prom; a blue and white empire-waist gingham check with spaghetti straps, ankle length, which I think was a Gunne Saxdoes this age me?  But I truly loved my dress for senior prom; a one-shoulder soft peach floral print, full length, that floated like a cloud as I walked and danced. The best part was that my cousin Drew lent it to me, so it came with love. I never forgot my prom … at least not the dresses!

Today, there is still prom but it seems as if the stakes are a little higher. Shopping for the perfect dress has already begun, and mothers, daughters and friends are caught in the fray. The key seems to be finding a unique, if not one-of-a-kind dress that others won’t be wearing, while at the same time not looking too different or out of place. My dear friend, who is in the process of shopping with her daughter, told me that there is a protocol that the girls follow: as they purchase a dress, they post it on Facebook so that no one else will buy the same one. Now that is pressure! And there are some other big decisions to be made – long or short (trend is moving toward long), how much to spend, etc. It’s enough to send a girl and her mother off the deep end.

I hope you find the dress of your dreams and have a good time.

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