An outsider’s view of New York Fashion Week


I found myself on the promenade of Lincoln Center this week, taking in the sights and sounds of New York Fashion Week. I remained outside on the promenade, but it was inspiring nevertheless to feel the splendor and imagine the thrill inside the tents. (I am not sure – are there still actual tents at Lincoln Center?).

What seems like something that is out of reach for most of us is actually attainable, if only in our attitude. Although many of us don’t attend Fashion Week and we may not even know the designers’ names, we can pretend that we do. We can live and breathe Fashion Week by reflecting on our own wardrobe and styling ourselves in the most positive light. Start with a statement piece or a fabulous-colored accessory. Do you have a special coat, for instance, that is simple, elegant and fitted, or perhaps a handbag that elevates your look? Now is the time to wear it and be your most fashionable self.

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2 thoughts on “An outsider’s view of New York Fashion Week

  1. The best thing about being on “the outside looking in” is that your imagination, of what is going on in there, is usually much more fun then what is REALLY going on inside…!

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